One of the many things I've learnt on this 'journey' so far is consistency gets you results in what ever your doing. So making sure I am consistently writing up for you guys, just as important as the consistency in my diet and training. However, today's blog will be a bit less 'intense' as the others this week.

Funnily enough, I was speaking to me grandparents about this 'journey' yesterday in my weekly visit for some TLC, coffee and a good old 'chin-wag'. Their response was - 'do you even know what spare time is now?' and honestly, I probably don't. But as I said to them and I'll say to you, 'I can have some spare time when I'm retired'. For now, I'm using my time in the most positive and enjoyable way I can. And I'm learning a lot about myself in doing so...

Now to me, learning is one of the most exciting and crucial parts of our own personal development. Without it, what do you have? Without learning you wouldn't be able to find this blog or message your friend you were just talking too because you wouldn't have learnt how to use the phone or laptop you're currently on. But to me, whats important is to continue that learning, in different areas of our lives.

What I've found recently is if you really get into your fitness 'journey' your hunger to learn more grows too. It's great.

So what have we learnt this week?

Looking back I've researched some good topics. But my favourite has to be sleep. Finding out that actually it's a lot more than just 'resting'. Understanding sleep can impact on our weight loss targets, recovery and the muscles ability to repair themselves post work out (See blog post: Time to Catch some Z's). Even with all of that we still don't get enough. 6% of the UK get a proper (7-9 hours) sleep on an average night. Lets not let ourselves fall into that bracket. It's the weekend, a perfect time to catch up on some...and get yourself in a habit of getting over 7 hours regularly, it's something I've been doing recently and believe me I feel the more battling sleep at the desk come 2:30. Only to blame it on food and digestion, not my ridiculous lack of sleep. Even memory is effected by sleep, god there's so much more to this, I think another post dedicated to it's importance may be needed here...

Similar to that, the impact of Melatonin and how supplementing this can reduce the stress of jet-lag etc... There's loads of science around this. You know what, I will be doing another post on this, it's something I can discuss in detail soon...





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