Our Mission

I'm here to educate you. 

I want to train you to not need me anymore. I want to teach you and show you the great world you can thrive in and enjoy. Fitness and health is very important, but let me show you it doesn't have to be as boring as I once thought it was. 

However, to trust me, you need to know me, so read on...

About me

rian harvey

Nutritional Therapist, PT


  • Level 3 in Personal Training extension in Women's Fitness and Fat Loss

  • Level 2 gym instructor



Quick life of me: Born in Dorset 1999, went too first school, middle school and then high school. Was always the ‘He’s great to teach, but he talks to much’ kid. Was diagnosed with Leukaemia at the age of 14, and again at the age of 16. Passed 7 GCSEs whilst I was ill. Decide to take on A levels, did well in my first year…much to my teachers surprise and then completely messed up my second year. Moved out and to Scotland with my partner at the age of 20, back down again 6 months later and now I am here…

I started my journey like a lot of people. A novice, slowly my love for fitness grew and I found myself gaining qualifications in nutrition and personal training. But how did I get here? After all fitness is all about climbing stairs to reach the goal.

At school I was always one of the ‘fat kids.’ I never made the football team, if I did, I wouldn’t start and even then, I’d only last about 20 minutes…MAX. Fitness was always something I halfheartedly dipped in and out of. Now if I was being stereotypical, I’d now describe a life changing moment when I suddenly got in shape and stayed there. But I’m all about being honest and so here’s what happened.

When I turned 18, I was probably in the worst shape I had ever been in, so I finally did something about it. I lost a lot of weight over a short period of time. Some people would think I was in shape, even I did then. But now I know what I was doing was extremely dangerous. I was eating little over 1,000 calories a day and working out 25 mins every day without a rest. I shredded weight, but my body was giving me countless signs to stop, ones I am now fully aware of. I was in an extreme calorie deficit.

I did this because of two reasons.

  1. I had no time to afford to meet a trainer every week at the gym, and the likelihood is I would have quit anyway.

  2. I had incorrect knowledge of losing weight, filtered through to me from dangerous online platforms.

Fitness is so easy to do without the correct information. But it can also become dangerous with long term effects if we do it incorrectly consistently. That’s why I am here. I want to teach you to eventually not need me, and train you to realise your full body and mind potential.

Unlike a lot of online trainers, I offer 3 packages:

1, General advice and guidance for your goals.

2, online coaching with monthly facetime or face to face reviews.

3, online and face to face coaching with bi-weekly reviews.

So, get in touch today, lets clear the crap. Focus on the fundamentals whilst climbing the stairs to your goal together one step at a time.




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